Camille (undefinedshape) wrote,

Tori/Fatty Situation. (and other whines)

 I have no idea what to do...I thought that it was best if momma knew all she knows. I mean, I want to keep my baby sister safe. That's my job as an older sister. Right? I want to keep her from messing things up far worse than she thinks possible. And I knew if I didn't say anything and then anything happened, I'd honestly feel like it was my fault. I just don't know what to do from here. I cannot stand Fatty. But Tori won't even speak to me. At all. And she keeps threatening to bring up my past to my parents. They'll hate me...most days I hate me. But it's the past. It happened in the past and it's not who I am now. But it would make my parents hate me. 
Fatty seems to think that threatening me and telling me I'm a horrible person will make me "fix" it. I can't fix it. There is nothing that needs fixing other than he either needs to get his act together or they need to break up. 

I just don't know what to do. 

On a happier note...I got to see Brandon today!!! God, I missed him!!! So much! We cooked...(or rather, I cooked, he watched)....and it's official...I'm a TERRIBLE cook. Lol. I cooked Pork Roast and it was SOOO dry and tough...:( like rubber. It was terrible. But we laughed. :D a lot.

I feel muddled.
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